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Personal Work M16 USMC

General / 30 March 2019

I decided to create my rifle that I used in Iraq. Here is the progress on the block out so far. I'm limiting myself to about an hour work each day on it so I can focus on speed and triage of big shapes to small shapes. So far I've spent too much time noodling around on the Rail system. Time to move on to the rest of the rifle block out!


Nambu 14 Texture Work In Progress

General / 08 November 2018


Nambu 14 Test Bakes

General / 05 November 2018

Some Errors to correct, pretty quick results, focused mainly on duplicating as many faces as possible and seeing how texturing will pan out in the future!

Tele-Punch Bakes

General / 05 November 2018

More Progress, Textures next for the Telepunch features in Tower Unite!

Laser Magnum

General / 26 August 2018

Tower Unite Laser Magnum 10k Triangle 2k maps Marmo 3 Renders.


Tower Unite! Laser Pistol

General / 07 August 2018

High poly base mesh of a Laser Pistol for Tower Unite! Textures  Next.


Tower Unite! Toy Hammer. Normals!

General / 24 July 2018

Tower Unite! Toy Hammer. Normals! Final low poly is 10.5k Triangle and renders have 4096 base maps. Textures and Materials next!

Tower Unite! Toy Hammer.

General / 23 July 2018

Tower Unite Toy Hammer Work in Progress. Fun project so far, I was allowed to design and create variation based on multiple toy hammers. I am pleased with the shapes and clarity I have achieved so far. I will be posting the material process later this week!

Tanegashima Revolving Matchlock, Texture Pass One

General / 14 July 2018

Tanegashima Revolving Matchlock, Texture Pass One for Tower Unite.

4k Textures, Substance painter and marmo bakes combined for base normals and curvature map. Used color selection for more control on the roughness for the wood banding. I'm having a lot of fun and I'm only a few hours in!

Trying to think of new strategies for the wick of the Matchlock so I can achieve a scorched fall off.

Tanegashima Revolving Matchlock, Textures Next!

General / 11 July 2018

Low Poly model is currently at 18k with 4k normal, ao, and curvature map, rendered in Marmoset 3. For Tower Unite! Working on textures now!