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Iraq M16 Pt. 2

Work In Progress / 21 January 2020

Finally got some more time to work on the M16 project. Still in the block out phase but making more progress. Thanks for looking!


Nambu Type 14 Maya to Zbrush Dyna-mesh Workflow

Work In Progress / 25 October 2018

Nambu Type 14 High Poly, Maya to Dyna-mesh practice.

 My two-cents: High Poly assembled with test lighting and base values, blocking out material separations from wood, plastic, and different types of value. Also using larger materials with out scratches. This lets an artist test big lighting shapes and evolve the render as the materials get more specific from substance painter.

 Great Guide here:

Tele Punch

Work In Progress / 15 October 2018

Here's a block out for the Tele-Punch weapon in Tower Unite! More to come, got to use Zbrush on the glove :D.

Sebru Shorty Shotgun Block out

Work In Progress / 06 June 2018

Block out of Sebru Shorty Shotgun for Tower Unite.