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RPG7 Tower Unite Work In Progress

General / 13 May 2018

Updated: Normal Maps Applied, Textures Next!
Created a low poly and high poly for the RPG7, will be normal map baking next. Low poly is 12.5k Triangle will be on 2048 maps

Nikon D7000 Personal Project Update 2

General / 14 March 2018

GDC will be here soon so I had on a few hours to start on the textures this week amid all the other projects at school. Much more personalization and decaling to do.

It's important to capture the essence of the materials before complicating them further. So far I have about 5 hours into these.

Nikon D7000 Personal Project

General / 10 March 2018

Currently I am working on a Nikon D7000. The next stage will be Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

This will ultimately be rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Current model renders are in Marmoset 3.

Final Low Poly and Baked Maps. Nikon D7000. 19,500 Triangle | 4k Maps.